Our Team

A multidisciplinary team will help you build and scale your startup product.

Calin Vaduva

Investor and founder

Investor, founder and CEO of Fortech, IT services company with 550 employees.

Andreea Pavel


I like to get involved in developing stuff that looks beautiful, works great and makes business sense.

Andreea Buza

Communications Specialist

Autotelic personality, experienced in communications and interested in all things digital.

Adrian Lupau

Business Developer

With 15 years experience in corporate sales and business development, Adi is keen in helping startups get to the next level.

Alexandra Nechita

Marketing Specialist

Passionate about all things digital and startups, Alexandra eats, breaths and lives product marketing for consumer focused markets.

Sorina Mone

Product Manager

Multidisciplinary mind, with 4+ years of experience in the tech sector, PhD in marketing and passion for products.

Alexandru Deac


Passionate designer, with an eye on UI, with 5 years experience in advertising, design and web.

Sanda Pop

Data Analyst

Believing that success of a business is an optimal combination of creativity and the art of reading through the numbers, I discovered that this truth lies in Analytics.

Marina Peteoaca

Marketing Intern

Passionate about marketing, PR and digital world.