Frequently Asked Questions

What are your collaboration models?

We can work in a client-provider model, with a payed contract, or as partner, in exchange for equity. A mix of the two options is possible as well. It depends on what the founders want and our desire to go into an equity-based partnership.

What are you looking for in an equity deal?

We are looking for passionate founders interested to lead their own business. We provide the support they need on the product side. As shareholders, we'd like to have a word in the strategic decision and get involved also in growing the business. You can imagine us as having the role of a technical co-founder.

Do you have a preference for specific industries or types of products?

We're actively looking to partner and invest in SaaS, eCommerce and IoT. As service providers, we can handle any type of software, agnostic of the industry.

Who is the owner of the intellectual property (IP) produced? The IP may include the market research, experiments, business plan etc.

The full owner is the client startup. In case we decide to form a joint new company together, the IP will be owned by that new company formed (founders and Seed For Tech).

In the case of starting a joint company, what kind of commitment is required from the startup founders?

When we take partner role, commitment of all parts involved is very important for us. We want to be a reliable partner and we ask realibility from our new partners.

What happens after we get in touch?

We aim to understand what is the startup about, the business case and the technical needs. For this it will take a few on-line or live meetings. Afterwards we can we work together to clarify expectations, the working methods and other details necessary. If needed, we can also work together for a short period of time, to see how the communication goes, before extending the collaboration.